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References - LeaCo Lab




Dr. Chris Breuer

Head of Public Relations / Press Spokesman, Communications & PR Managers

Martina Ernst and Marion Linke have set important markers regarding leadership development with “nucleus kommunikation”. Through targeted one-to-one interviews as well as the large-scale exchange and discussion units not only theoretical approaches were taught, but also practical fields of application were developed. The workshops in smaller groups were a valuable supplement with sparring character. In one-to-one conversations, basics have been specified, and there was the possibility of trustful exchange.
In a highly technical environment – as it is the case with URENCO Germany – the demonstrated (theoretical) tools and the method training have provided creative and methodical approaches that enable a more structural work and specifically promote the competences of the individual executives. The workbooks, leader exchange rounds, Zeigarnik effects and meeting rules are just a few examples of the measures that were implemented. The entire process has also affected all employees by changing communication approaches and training certain managerial characteristics (e.g. performance reviews). On 28th November 2013, the HR department of URENCO Deutschland GmbH in Saarbrücken was awarded the BestPersAward in the category “Communication and Leadership” by the Institute of Management Competence of the University of Saarland.

Andreas Meyering

Head of Safeguards / Leiter Safeguards

Especially the communication rules and the tools of communication help me to conduct conversations and discussions and to lead them in the right moments, also with different characters (inspectors with different nationalities). A conscious approach and use of the tools facilitate the discussions and help to achieve the desired results.
The discussion of the work organization has confirmed that I am very well positioned in this regard. The use of the 1-31 folders and A-Z folders are very helpful in classifying and scheduling projects and tasks in paper form. The structured input of appointments and tasks in Outlook has a supporting effect.
Today’s coaching gave me a clear understanding of the overall package of goal setting at UD. The surveyed questionnaires and tools support the path of planning and implementation of the target agreement at the managerial level as well as at the employee level.


Jose Sobrino Ramirez

Employee at SMS Siemag AG

I remember you every day because I just need to look over my desk and see the table displays. The chaos is gone, and the structure lasts.


Birgit Weidemann


I used your tools and all the knowledge you taught me to prepare a difficult conversation. I felt great and very well prepared. During the conversation I reached the maximum, everything went so smoothly. – Thank you.


Kerstin Kalenberg

Regisseurin / Producerin
Ms. Grünewald-Ernst manages to pick up people when they are in critical situations and to convey difficult topics with ease.

Gerald Schank

Kameramann / Director of Photography
She is a nutcracker.


HR manager

A successful and important combination of psychology and practical tools. The application succeeds on all levels, whether at managerial level or in the team and is easy to put into practice.



At any time, it was easy to put difficult things to the point and to address people without losing face.

Amefa – Management

Ms Ernst has reached 100% of the possible result with our young people – she has impressed with wow-effect.The team’s willingness to stay 2 hours longer because it was so inspiring, speaks for itself.


Project management

If you want it to work – not just talk about it – then do it with Martina Ernst. Theoretical understanding is guaranteed to come into practice here.


Leading management

Everyone is involved and back on track. Translating new strategies and goals to all levels is a prerequisite for us in the change. With her approachable personality and high competence, Ms. Grünewald-Ernst solves this even in complex situations with ease.