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Business-Fitness-Program - LeaCo Lab


How fit is your company?

Growth, organic structures, ambiguity in responsibilities and processes are topics which hinder especially SMEs from using of their full potential.
A smooth succession as well as more clarity in corporate governance keep entrepreneurs busy.
With the company fitness program, your human resources are optimally set up. LeaCo Lab helps you to prepare your company for current and future challenges.
In five consecutive steps, your company and your employees will be able to achieve the greatest possible success sustainably:

1. Check of the current stage:
  • Clarifying the aims/ expectations and vision from the management
  • Interview with the involved persons
  • Development of the procedure
  • Main content
  • Milestones
  • Necessary tools
2. Emergency aid:
  • “Scrapping”: Identifying and solving blockades and conflicts (Lean Coaching)
  • First understandings of roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding the organisation and structures
  • Leading involved individuals into self- and task-management and making them aware of their responsibilities
  • Clearing up misunderstandings
  • Building up motivators and motivation
3. Stabilisation:
  • Aligning and defining standard processes, clarifying roles and responsibilities (at the moment and in the future)
  • Comparison of goals and methods – success strategy
4. Development:
  • Management training/ coaching
  • Adjust processes/learning on-the-job
  • Training/off-the-job
  • Accompaniment in day-to-day business (employee appraisals, meetings, customer appointments)
  • Organising the workplace
4. Sustainability:
  • Tools
  • Enabling
  • Follow-Ups
  • Ensuring and maintaining implementation in daily business

Thanks to the individualized Business-Fitness-Program, LeaCo Lab’s clients already achieve clear success in a short time, exactly where they need it.

It is our pleasure to discuss your opportunities in a personal appointment.