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LeaCo Lab – Institute for Applied Business Psychology

You’re an entrepreneur and about to face new challenges?
Your company has grown, you need to structure yourself and be flexible at the same time?
You are a leading person and want to develop your team, as well as yourself?

You have the potential and want to know how to use it successfully?

LeaCo Lab is specialised in developing potential and helps you to establish the company’s ability and skills as well as your own.


LeaCo Lab – Seminar Dates 2019

LeaCo Lab – Seminar Dates 2019 The dates for the new seminars in 2019 are fixed! Fit in management: 3 to 6 June19 11 to 14 November 19 Fit in sales: 18 to 20 February 19 2 to 4 September 19 Fit in personality: 8 to 11 April 19 7 to 10 October 19 Do you want to sign...

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LeaCo Lab is now on Youtube

LeaCo Lab is now on Youtube! Check it out and get inspired by some short video clips about hot topics concerning business management and leadership.

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LeaCo Lab on Youtube

LeaCo Lab is now on Youtube!
Check it out and get inspired by some short video clips about hot topics concerning business management and leadership. The videos are in German language.

Our Team

Martina Ernst

Founder and Managing Director

Mona Mühlhans


Marion Linke

Organisation and Consultation

Tessa Trinh

Dual Student

Our Philosophy

For us, you as a human being are in the centre.
Our mission is to strengthen and develop people and their organisations according to their individual personality and to show them how to utilise their full potential.

To ensure immediate and sustainable results, direct communication and a holistic and practical working method are necessary. Reliable and thorough follow-up support is part of our principle for partnership and cooperation.

Trust is the base of our approach. We promise you confidentiality and loyalty before, during and even after our collaboration.

“II remember you every day because I just need to look over my desk and see the table displays. The chaos is gone, and the structure lasts.”
Jose Sobrino Ramirez – Employee at SMS Siemag AG

“I used your tools and all the knowledge you taught me to prepare a difficult conversation. I felt great and very well prepared. During the conversation I reached the maximum, everything went so smoothly. – Thank you.” Birgit Weidemann – DOSB

“Ms. Grünewald-Ernst manages to pick up people when they are in critical situations and to convey difficult topics with ease. ” Kerstin Kalenberg – director/producer 

“EA successful and important combination of psychology and practical tools. The application succeeds on all levels, whether at managerial level or in the team and is easy to put into practice.” GiraGiersiepen – HR manager

“If you want it to work – not just talk about it – then do it with Martina Ernst. Theoretical understanding is guaranteed to come into practice here.” AVL – Project management

“Everyone is involved and back on track. Translating new strategies and goals to all levels is a prerequisite for us in the change. With her approachable personality and high competence, Ms. Grünewald-Ernst solves this even in complex situations with ease.” BST, EMG, ELEXIS – Leading management

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